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🎉CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE WON OUR MONTHLY PRIZE DRAW!🎉Bold promises such as this are run-of-the-mill for pop-ups 💬 This , find out how to safeguard children against risks linked with this widely used marketing technique. Download here


Our Year 3s had a fabulous time finishing off their Egyptian learning by applying what they knew about mummification! Natron Salt? ✓ Bandages? ✓ A tomato?!


A brilliant training session in the sunshine this afternoon! ⚽️⚽️


Flourishing friendships can be an important aspect of a happy life - but what does a healthy relationship look like?🤝 This , we’re offering expert advice on encouraging healthy friendships among children and young people 🫶Download here


Our Year 4s had a brilliant time at Mote Farm; making flour, working with the animals, and learning all about farm life!


We're so proud of our school community for raising an amazing £200 for on Wear it Green Day!


This week in Art, Y1 enjoyed creating wild monsters inspired by the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' using their pinch pot technique. We were also thrilled to be supported by a parent, who is an art designer!


It's currently 1-1 in a nail-biting match between Kent House and Crystal Palace!


At HPAKH we love music and nurturing personal development. KS1 had a fun-filled samba workshop yesterday, and even performed to a packed-out hall of parents!


We are so proud of our Year 6 football team's win against last week, a tight 2-1! We're looking forward to the away rematch next Friday!


We are really excited about out KS1 French club led by our very own Mrs Francois! Every Thursday after school - this week we were learning greetings; bonjour!


🎼🎵 are teaching our year 6 children the Clarinet! We had a fantastic first lesson and all managed to make a sound! 🎵🎼


There are still some in-school spaces left for weekly music lessons, you can sign up here:


We were very proud of our Year 6 football team yesterday afternoon - a hard-fought game against enjoyed by all!


A huge welcome to all of our new parents who have chosen Kent House for your Reception aged children! We're really looking forward to meeting you!


Year 6 had a great time this afternoon learning about the composition of blood; plasma, white and red blood cells and platelets!


We've just dropped off Easter and Eid cards for those at


Our amazing Miss Sayers is running seven marathons this year to raise money to further improve our SEN provision!


Look at our brilliant Year 3 printing display, inspired by Paul Klee!


On Saturday five of our children played in a BYMT Orchestra at Langley Park - Can you spot them?

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Year 4

Summer 1
Welcome to Year 4: 
Manatee and Takin Class 

Miss Parmar is the class teacher in Takin Class and Miss Rahman is the teacher in Manatee Class 


Welcome to year 4! We hope you find the information below useful. This information will help you support your child at home with the organisation of their week and their learning at home.  

Key Times 


Homework will be set every week. This homework includes: spellings (new spellings given out on Monday), learning timetables (1-12) and every child should be reading for 10-15 minutes every day.  


In Manatee Class PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Takin class have PE on Wednesdays.  

 Please ensure that your child has a clean PE kit to bring in at the start of each week. The kit should consist of a Harris Primary Academy PE T-shirt, black shorts, black jogging bottoms, black trainers or plimsolls. This half-term pupils will be learning Athletics.  

Key Times 

In Year 4, children will be dismissed at the end of the day at 3:30. Please make sure your child is in class by 8:30 because we will be doing ‘early work’ on times tables knowledge to prepare children for their assessment as well as other short activities. 


In Week 2, we will be going on a school trip to the Horniman Museum as a part of our History curriculum and in Week 6, one class will be going to Mote Farm in Orpington. 



What are we learning? 


In Literacy we will be reading “Varjak Paw”, which is a fantasy fiction about a young cat whose life has taken an unexpected U-turn. When he feels that there is no hope, a mysterious mentor offers to teach him ‘the Way’. Our brave character and his friends will face the Vanishings. Our writing focus will be narrative endings, report and explanation text.  


In Maths, we will begin by continuing our learning about decimals, including comparing, partitioning, rounding to the nearest whole number and looking at halves and quarters as decimals. We will then move on to our next unit which is Money. Here, students will learn to convert between pound and pence, estimate and solve problems relating to money. Finally, we will begin our unit on Time where students will convert times between analog and digital as well as convert to the 24 hour clock. 


In Science, we will be learning about living organisms and their habitats. We will investigate how to group and classify organisms depending on their characteristics.  We will also observe our local environment and identify what living organisms live there. Furthermore, we will look into how our changing environment is affecting the living organisms that live there.  


In Geography, we will develop our knowledge of how water affects our lives. We will think about why water is so important and what the Water Cycle is. We will investigate how water gets into our homes. Then finally, we will look into what a river is and what landforms form along it. 


We will be learning about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin. We will be looking at the historical timeline, what was the life like for people in Benin, what they believed in and how they were governed.  


In RE, we will be moving on from learning about forgiveness and think about how important it is for Jewish people to do what God wants them to do. We will look to identify what the ‘Kashrut Rules’ are, what the Passover is and what happens at a Seder Meal. 


In Computing, the children will be learning how to code. We will practice coding using different commands and statements.  


In Art we will be exploring how to make sculptures using different materials, developing our knowledge of the visual element: form.  


This term, children will create healthy lunch according to the design brief. Moreover, they will discuss nutritional value of different ingredients and design a healthy recipe.   


In French, children will learn nouns and adjectives to describe family members, hair, and eyes.   


In PSHE we will be discussing how to stay safe and avoid hazards. We will learn about different risks and how to assess the online content.   


In PE we will be learning athletics, developing our understanding of running, throwing and jumping. 


We will be investigating different kinds of Celtic Folk music and learn how to play it on xylophone or glockenspiel. The children will also be learning 3 songs; Great Day, Scales and Arpeggios and We Are Unstoppable.  



How can I help at home? 

One of the keyways every parent can help is to ensure that your child is at school every day and on time. Other than this, the main way you can help is by ensuring that your child reads every day, for at least 10-15 minutes (filling in their Rainbow Bookmark) – this can be with you, or on their own, but it is the most effective way of ensuring that your child progresses and learns outside of school. All pupils should be practising their spellings set each week, every day. Children also have their PurpleMash and Timetables Rock Stars login – please encourage them to use these frequently, as it will really help with their quick recall of mathematical facts and their timetables. As Year 4 have their timetables check in the Summer Term, it is also vital that they are practising their timetables 1-12 every day to prepare them for this.  

If you have any questions, please talk to Miss Parmar or Miss Rahman, or you can arrange a meeting at the office.  


Miss Parmar and Miss Rahman.