The book fair is at Kent House again! 📚 Our pupils are enjoying having a look at the books on offer. Parents and carers, please see the letter attached with details of how we are making it Covid-safe


Year 6 have produced some fantastic end of term learning summaries for history, focusing on how London has changed from The Romans, up until the Georgians 🌟


In art, year 6 have been creating their own sculptures based on the work of Patrick Cabral. They worked in pairs to create their animal themed interlocking cardboard sculptures🎨


Happy Wednesday everyone🌈 For this week's challenge, we would like you to create a poem based on the theme of nature to fit in with this year's theme for 💚 We can't wait to see what you come up with


🌈This week is . This year's theme is about connecting with nature to support your mental health. Watch this space for more information about how to get involved 💚


In science this week, year 6 have been learning about the parts of an eye and how we are able to see with. They have also been experimenting to see what objects light is able to pass through 💡


🚨 A reminder to all of our parents and pupils 🚨 Today is the last day of term and the children have staggered early finish times. Please see those times below ⬇️


In maths, year 6 have been learning how to represent data in pie charts. They have used protractors to construct a pie chart 📊


In art this half term, Year 6 have been studying graffiti artists; Banksy, C215 and Shamsia Hassani. They have created their own stencils of political, social or environmental issues that mean something to them 🎨


Happy Wednesday everyone 🌈 This week's challenge: how long can you stand on one leg for? Give it a go and time yourself!


Year 6 have been learning about Anderson Shelter's as part of their WWII topic in history. They made some models today to represent them. They have also used key historical vocabulary to describe how and why they were made


Thank you to all of ours pupils and staff for wearing something to make us smile for Comic Relief, and for raising some money for such a fantastic cause 🌟


Ms Bowern is definitely making us all smile this morning! 😁


A reminder to all of our parents and pupils: To celebrate Red Nose Day today, you can come into school dressed to make someone laugh or smile 😊 We can't wait to have lots of smiles put on our faces!


Year 6 have been exploring different molecules in science today. They had a go at creating some models using spaghetti and marshmallows 🔬


Happy Wednesday everyone 🌈 This week's challenge is an exciting one: can you design your own class mascot? We can't wait to see what you come up with!


This Friday, to celebrate Comic Relief, we will be dressing to make someone smile or laugh. This could be a bright top, a funny accessory, an interesting hair style, or simply a red nose! If you wish, there is an optional donation of £1 🌈


Our Nursery class made some beautiful Mother's Day cards with daffodil paintings on them. We hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day 🌸


Well done to everyone who entered our Potato Book Character competition for World Book Day 📚 We were so impressed with all of the entries but here are our winners! Can you work out who each potato is representing? 🌟


Happy Wednesday everyone 🌈 This week's challenge: create a positivity poster highlighting all the positive things in your life (family, friendships, hobbies etc). We can't wait to see your posters!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our Staff

At Harris Primary Academy Kent House there are teachers, teaching assistants and learning mentors as well as our premises team and administrators.

All of our staff are primary specialists and we work together to promote the core values of the Academy and make sure that our children are consistently safe and happy.

Ms Rachel Bowern Principal  
Mrs Nicola Dale Vice Principal  
Mr Phil Jones Vice Principal  
Mrs  Ruth King Class Teacher N - Usain Bolt
Ms Jade Smith-Dennis Class Teacher R - Jessica Ennis Hill
Ms Samantha Holle Class Teacher R - Serena Williams
Ms Laura Bairstow EYFS Lead Practioners Year Reception
Ms Tracy Jarrett EYFS Lead Practioners Year Reception
Mr Michael Hayward Class Teacher 1 - Bessie Coleman
Mr Milo Turner Class Teacher 1 - Mary Seacole
Mrs Saira Souissi Class Teacher/Senior Leader 2 - George W Gibbs
Miss Ella Campbell Class Teacher 2 - Mae Jemison
Mr Casey Lawler Class Teacher 3 - Benjamin Zephaniah
Ms Agnes Borecka Class Teacher 3 - Miriam Makeba
Mr Mark Maguire Teacher Year 3
Ms Maggie Tildesley Class Teacher 4 - Malorie Blackman
Mr John Ward Class Teacher 4 - Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
Mr Phil Jones Class Teacher/Senior Leader 5 - Katherine Johnson
Mrs Vicky Hicks Class Teacher/Senior Leader 5 - Nelson Mandela
Mr Matt Griffin Class Teacher/Senior Leader 6 - Barack Obama
Miss Madeline Field Trainee Teacher 6 - Kofi Annan
Miss Georgina Simmons Class Teacher  6 - Martin Luther King Jr
Mrs Samantha Avison-Williams SENCO  
Ms Reenee Bhomick Teaching & Learning Mentor  
Mr Aaron Hanson PPA Cover Teacher (Sports Specialist)  
Ms Louise Heward-Mills Student Welfare & Attendance Officer  
Miss Charlie Cockell Nurture Group Leader  
Mrs Lavrene Walker Intervention Specialist  
Miss Lisa Wakenshaw Inclusion Assistant  
Mrs Karen Bonser Support Staff  
Ms Christine Clark Support Staff  
Miss Amy Coulstock Support Staff  
Mrs Tracy Gorman Support Staff  
Mrs Sandra Heath Support Staff  
Miss Kimberly Ing Support Staff  
Mrs Nuala Jackson Support Staff  
Mrs Lisa Learmouth Support Staff  
Mrs Helen Oakley Support Staff  
Mrs Lee-Anne Prior Support Staff  
Miss Donna Sayer Support Staff  
Mrs Lesley Shepherd Support Staff  
Ms Millie Stewart Warren Support Staff  
Mrs Paula Sullivan Support Staff  
Miss Rachel Tadman Support Staff  
Miss Mariam Tumukunde Support Staff  
Miss Anna Zawadowska Support Staff  
Mrs Nawel Zekraoui Support Staff  
Miss Francesca Barichello Midday Supervisor  
Miss Nunzia Piccolo Midday Supervisor  
Mr Andy Friend Office Manager & PA to Principal  
Mrs Kelly Bridges Administrative Assistant  
Mrs Gemma Driver Administrative Assistant  
Mrs Sally Duffy Administrative Assistant  
Mrs Antonette Vethanayagam Finance Officer  
Mr Darren Chalker Premises Manager  
Mr Jonathan Maile Premises Officer