Spectacular end to our performance arts week with this morning's whole school production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream!


Royal afternoon tea fun in the sun!


Year 3 have had a fantastic day identifying the benefits of different plants on their nature walk...followed by a tea workshop where some truly unique blends were created!


We've got opportunities for a and a Assistant to join us in May. Find out more and apply at


We've got opportunities for a and a Assistant to join us in May. Find out more and apply at


KH's amazing cheerleading team did an excellent job performing during our Friday celebration assembly! #unity


Lunchtime fun in the sun!


We've got opportunities for a and a Assistant to join us in May. Find out more and apply at


Spring has truly sprung in our nursery today! &learning


Excellent scientific thinking happening this afternoon in year 5. Super teamwork to create a mechanism to lift a heavy weight!


Some of our wonderful homework projects received this half term. Keep up all the great home learning!


Calling all ! Would you like to join our outstanding academy in September? Find out how:


Excellent online safety day at KH. Thank you Jonathan for working with our children, staff and parents.


Lots of fun learning at our Inspire Workshop this morning!


Calling all ! Would you like to join our outstanding academy in September? Find out how:


Spring PTA Fete come and join in the fun!


We are looking for an Individual Support Assistant to join our team. Find out more and apply:


Calling all ! Would you like to join our outstanding academy in September? Find out how:


We are looking for an Individual Support Assistant to join our team. Find out more and apply:


We are looking for an Individual Support Assistant to join our team. Find out more and apply:

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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1:
Kato Class & Matisse Class

Miss Noll is teaching Kato Class this year and Miss Thompson is the class teacher in Matisse Class.


Welcome back to year 1! We hope you find the information below useful as your child starts the year with us. This information will help you support your child at home with the organization of their week and their learning at home.

Key Times


Homework will be set every half term. Your child will be asked to work on a number of projects, designed to enrich the learning taking place in school. This approach to homework has been designed to enable you and your child to work together in a creative way and to develop a love of learning. Please see the homework document for Spring.


In year 1, the PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit on these days.


In Summer term, please talk to your class teacher about trips.

Inspire Workshops

There will be an inspire workshop in Summer 2. Details will follow soon, so please keep an eye out for the letter home. We would welcome parent involvement in this, and look forward to seeing you then.

Key Times

The school gates open at 8:30 in the morning. This means that from 8.45, children will be able to walk to their own classrooms. Children must be on their way to their classrooms by 8.55 as the playground doors will close as normal, at 9am.
In KS1, children will be dismissed at the end of the day at 3:20.





Year 1 Summer term 2 2018                                                                      Homework Schedule                                                      2018

Read it

Research it

Design it

This half term Year 1’s text will be:,204,203,200_.jpg ‘10 things I can do to help my world’ written by Melanie Walsh.



Your task is to read other books written by Melanie Walsh. You might like to read:

My Green Day: 10 green things I can do


My World, Your World. 


Similarly, you may wish to find other books about looking after the world.

Your research project is to find out as much as you can about the city we live in: London.


Think about our famous landmarks, communities, food, people, activities culture and traditions.


Why do millions of people come to visit our city every year?

What are some famous events that have happened in our city? 

You may also like to research and find out everything you can about British Values.


This activity is directly linked to your 'Make it' activity as well as your ‘Research it’ part of the homework.


Your task is to design a new, original and exciting tourist attraction for people to visit in Central London!  


It could be a new monument, statue or bridge.

Think about what attractions the public are missing and what you would like to introduce people to.

Practice it

Write it

Make it

Spend some time practising the skills we are learning in school:

* Continue practising your new spellings each week.              

* Read to an adult every evening and record this too.                              

* Practise counting forwards and backwards in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s and from 0 and any given multiple.                                   

* Use all of the centre pages of your reading record diary to help you learn and practise your phonics sounds.


What 10 things can you do to help your world?


Talk to people at home. Write your own

’10 things pledge’ to show and tell the class what you can do to help make our world a better place to live in.


In your pledge, include a: title, introduction and numbered key points and values of the 10 things you/we can all help to do to make the world a better place.

Think of things that are not contained within the POR textbook and original ideas to make it all so exciting!


Don’t forget, the smallest of actions can make the biggest of differences when we all work together as one.

This half term we will be learning about our local area as part of our ‘Our World’ IPC topic.

Your ‘Make it’ task is to essentially design a 3D model of your brand new and original tourist attraction that will be situated in London itself.

Think carefully of the materials you are going to use, what it’s going to look like in the end and what could you use or do to really make it an exciting new thing!

We very much look forward to seeing the designs and models of your wonderful pieces!

A note to parents:

Over the course of the Summer half term, please work with your child to complete as much of the above as possible. Each of the activities has been designed to support, enhance and enrich an aspect of the National Curriculum. We are looking forward to seeing the results of your work together. Please ensure your child’s homework is clearly named. We thank you for all your ongoing support in assisting your child as much as possible at home.



What are we learning?

In literacy we will begin by reading ’The Necklace of Raindrops. We are going to be focusing on descriptive writing, narrative and then we will move on to non-chronological reports.

In maths, we will be focusing on measure, then fractions before moving on to problem solving.  

Our IPC and science topic for Summer 2 half term is ‘Plants and Insects’ which will include a lot of photographs and ICT.

How can I help at home?

One of the key ways every parent can help is to ensure that your child is at school every day and on time. Other than this, the main way you can help is by ensuring that your child reads every day, for at least 20 minutes – this can be with you, or on their own, but it is the most effective way of ensuring that your child progresses and learns outside of school. Children have a Mathletics login – please encourage them to use this frequently, as it will really help with their quick recall of mathematical facts. They are also given a login to “word mania,” which can be used regular to help develop spelling and fluency.

Summer 2 will be another fun packed and educational half term and we look forward to seeing the work that the children will create.

If you have any questions, please talk to Miss Noll or Miss Thompson, or you can arrange a meeting at the office.


Miss Thompson and Miss Noll