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We had such an amazing time at the Carnival yesterday - thank you so much for all the support and contributions! 🎪☀️🍦


We are really looking forward to carnival this afternoon! As it will be hot, please follow these sun-safety tips to make sure children are safe:


Last  Friday, we had an amazing time celebrating Bastille Day at Kent House! From nursery to Y6, every child enjoyed a rich experience. It was a day full of fun, learning, and vibrant cultural immersion!


We are so proud of our Nursery children, graduating up into Reception! They are amazing, and have grown and learned so much this year! 🎓 (They blew our socks off! 🧦🧦)


We are so excited to be hosting and for a friendly football competition today - years 3, 4 and 5! We're lookong forward to seeing some amazing sportsmanship


Our Year 4s have been creating some incredible artwork! Here are their tie-die t-shirts, inspired by the work of Lisa Walton and Chuah Thean Teng


We really enjoyed hearing and learning about how brass instruments work, and even had a demonstration!


On Wednesday this week our Year 6 children took part in the Junior Citizenship scheme, working with , , and to make sure we are all secondary-ready!


Some of our Year 5s and 6s went to watch (and play!) some world-class cricket at the County Cricket Ground yesterday - West Indies v First Class County!


Our year 1s had an amazing time at Kew Gardens yesterday, learning so much about flowers and how plants grow!


I wonder if you can spot our fabulous musicians in the Harris Federation Primary Orchestra!


To all our Year 6 parents and carers:We are on the train back to Kent House, ETA back at school is 18:15 🚂


Year 6 have arrived at the Apollo Victoria Theatre ready to watch Wicked! 🧹


We are really excited to be able to invite you to another Book Fair here at Kent House📚📍Friday 12th and Monday 15th July 2024 at 3.30 pm📍In the Hall or in the playground (weather depending)📍We will only be accepting card on the day


Excited to read that Y6 are going to see this afternoon! What a spectacular end of year treat for them. They are going to LOVE it! Have the best time 🥳 🎭!


To all our Year 6 parents and carers:We are so excited for our trip to see Wicked this afternoon! Just a reminder that we will not return to school until approximately 6:30pm. We will let you know if we will be any earlier/later!


Some lovely pictures from our Year 3 DT learning! The children made some great mechanical puppets using recognisable characters and different motions to meet their design brief 🙂


Our Year 4s had an incredible time at the Houses of Parliament last week, discovering how our country is run, and even engaging in a debate!


All smiles ahead of year 3 & 4 Sports Day! 💪☀️


Another beautiful day for Sports Day, our children and parents are having a brilliant time!

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e-Safety Resources

E-safety is an integral part of children’s education in today’s digital world and is embedded in their learning at school. We also want to help our parents and children improve their own understanding of e-safety issues so they can learn to use the internet and all digital media in a safe and secure way.

You can download the DFE advice for parents on cyberbullying here at the National Online Safety website.

You can access the DFE guidance on e-safety here.

At Home

As a parent you'll know how important the internet is to children - they use it to learn, play, socialise and express themselves.  It's a highly creative place of amazing opportunities. But the technology children use every day can seem a bit daunting and you might worry about the risks your child can face online - such as bullying, contact from strangers or the possibility of them seeing illegal or inappropriate content. 

Ask your children to tell you about the sites they like to visit and what they enjoy doing online.

  • Ask them about how they stay safe online. What tips do they have for you, and where did they learn them? What is OK and not OK to share?
  • Ask them if they know where to go for help, where to find the safety advice, privacy settings and how to report or block on the services they use.
  • Encourage them to help. Perhaps they can show you how to do something better online or they might have a friend who would benefit from their help and support.
  • Think about how you use the internet as a family. What could you do to get more out of the internet together and further enjoy your lives online

At School

As part of your child’s curriculum and the development of computer skills, we provide access to the internet only in teacher supervised lessons. We strongly believe that the use of the web and email is hugely worthwhile and an essential tool for children as they grow up in the modern world. But because there are always concerns about children having access to undesirable materials, we have taken positive steps to deal with this risk in school. Our school internet access provider operates a filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials.