Our year sixes have finished baking the bread, and have really 'risen' to the occasion!They've followed the DT process step by step, conducting market research and creating prototypes, and many have spiced theirs up with garlic and paprika!


Step 2 of Year 6's final bread products: seasoning added and bread shaped ready for another prove 🥖


Today Year 6 are making their final bread products as part of their D.T learning this half-term. They have started off with a basic bread dough which has been kneaded and left to prove. Keep checking on here for updates 🥖


Year 3 made their final super salads today to complete their D.T learning for this term! How delicious do these look? 🥗


Year 6 went on a local area walk of Penge today to link in with their geography topic. They stopped at various points to discuss the history and also looked out for some of Penge's famous street art!


We had such an amazing maths week this week, topping it off with a fun maths dress-up day today. Thank you to everyone who took part 🥳🎊


Miss Simmons introduced Maths Week today - our year sixes shared some of the reasons why Maths is so important, and we found out about our Maths competitions for this week!Looking forward to seeing how everyone dresses up for Maths Day on Friday! 🧮➗➖➕


KS2 are having a special e-safety assembly by Jack Fowler on the federation cyber-security team 👩‍💻


Today we are wearing spots in support of Children in Need. Thank you so much to everyone who gave in a donation to help this amazing cause 🧸


Amazing guys! Thanks for sharing and supporting Odd Socks Day and Anti-Bullying Week 2023! 🧦🙌❤️


Today, Year 1 Rhino Class had a great time creating collage poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day. They used the techniques they have learned in their art lessons this half term including overlapping, crumbling, and tearing 🎨


Thank you to everyone for wearing their odd socks today to celebrate everyone's differences! What a way to kick off Anti-Bullying Week 🧦


Here are our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors supporting in assembly by reading sharing poetry


This week we are focusing on Kindness and anti-bullying, led by our year six ambassadors. Today we're wearing odd socks to remind us that differences are good!


Look at how exciting our Reception learning is today!


Get your best odd socks at the ready as on Monday we will be having Odd Socks Day to celebrate everyone being unique. This day will kick off Anti-Bulling week. We can't wait to see your odd socks! 🧦


This week our nursery children have been busy creating their own firework pictures using a range of media and materials 🎆


Look how brilliantly our strings ensemble are coming along!


In art this week, Year 6 created their own photomontages inspired by the work of Deborah Roberts 🎨


In D.T this week, Year 3 have been finding out what makes the best salad dressing by mixing different quantities of lemon juice and oil 🥗

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Student Welfare

The academy has a range of policies and procedures in place that ensure the welfare of all of our students. Several of these policies set out expectations about good behaviour.  This means everyone feels safe and can learn, and includes good learning behaviour around the academy, and in lessons, and also rules about how to communicate and behave appropriately towards other students and staff.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the welfare of your own son/daughter please contact the Principal

Contact – Ms Rachel Bowern
Telephone: 020-8402 7178

Reporting An Absence

Excellent attendance is the expectation at Harris Primary Academy Kent House. The expectation is that students attend every day unless they are unwell, in which case parents or carers are expected to contact the academy before 9.00am on each morning of absence. Our Attendance Officer, Miss Lisa Wakenshaw, can be contacted via the academy office.

To report an absence:

Contact – Academy Office
Telephone: 020-8402 7178

Holidays During Term Time

May we remind parents that holidays will not be authorised during term time, unless it is in extreme circumstances.

All requests must be put in writing and will be referred to the Principal. A 'Pupil Absence Request Form' is enclosed at the foot of this page to formally request time off during term time.

If parents do take their child on holiday during term time, without the authority of the academy, then they can face the possibility of a fine.

We fully appreciate that holidays are far cheaper in term time, but taking children out of school has a dramatic impact on the learning opportunities available to the children.

Late Arrival and Collection of Pupils

The morning register is taken at 8.45am; children are marked as late if they arrive in class after the register has been taken.

The school day finishes at 3.30pm. Parents should be at school to collect their child/ren at this time. Parents who are not here at 3.30pm when pupils are dismissed are late.

A record of late arrivals and pick-ups will be kept by office staff. A member of our Senior Leadership Team will monitor the information provided and follow up regular or persistent lateness.

Medical and First Aid Needs

Our Medical Needs & First Aid Lead oversees all the medical needs of children in the academy. Contact Miss Kimberley Ing via email:  Telephone: 020-8402 7178

You can find other very useful tips, help and advice in on our Wellbeing page, which you can find here: