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🎉CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE WON OUR MONTHLY PRIZE DRAW!🎉Bold promises such as this are run-of-the-mill for pop-ups 💬 This , find out how to safeguard children against risks linked with this widely used marketing technique. Download here


Our Year 3s had a fabulous time finishing off their Egyptian learning by applying what they knew about mummification! Natron Salt? ✓ Bandages? ✓ A tomato?!


A brilliant training session in the sunshine this afternoon! ⚽️⚽️


Flourishing friendships can be an important aspect of a happy life - but what does a healthy relationship look like?🤝 This , we’re offering expert advice on encouraging healthy friendships among children and young people 🫶Download here


Our Year 4s had a brilliant time at Mote Farm; making flour, working with the animals, and learning all about farm life!


We're so proud of our school community for raising an amazing £200 for on Wear it Green Day!


This week in Art, Y1 enjoyed creating wild monsters inspired by the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' using their pinch pot technique. We were also thrilled to be supported by a parent, who is an art designer!


It's currently 1-1 in a nail-biting match between Kent House and Crystal Palace!


At HPAKH we love music and nurturing personal development. KS1 had a fun-filled samba workshop yesterday, and even performed to a packed-out hall of parents!


We are so proud of our Year 6 football team's win against last week, a tight 2-1! We're looking forward to the away rematch next Friday!


We are really excited about out KS1 French club led by our very own Mrs Francois! Every Thursday after school - this week we were learning greetings; bonjour!


🎼🎵 are teaching our year 6 children the Clarinet! We had a fantastic first lesson and all managed to make a sound! 🎵🎼


There are still some in-school spaces left for weekly music lessons, you can sign up here:


We were very proud of our Year 6 football team yesterday afternoon - a hard-fought game against enjoyed by all!


A huge welcome to all of our new parents who have chosen Kent House for your Reception aged children! We're really looking forward to meeting you!


Year 6 had a great time this afternoon learning about the composition of blood; plasma, white and red blood cells and platelets!


We've just dropped off Easter and Eid cards for those at


Our amazing Miss Sayers is running seven marathons this year to raise money to further improve our SEN provision!


Look at our brilliant Year 3 printing display, inspired by Paul Klee!


On Saturday five of our children played in a BYMT Orchestra at Langley Park - Can you spot them?

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Summer 1
Welcome to Reception!
Lion and Tiger class  


Welcome to the first half of Summer Term! 

Welcome back to Year R! Below, you’ll find valuable information to support your child’s learning journey this term, from organizing their week to enhancing their learning at home.  


The EYFS staff team are always here to help. Tiger class is taught by Miss Stagg and Lion Class is taught by Miss Kellett. Both the Reception classes are supported by Ms Mariam and Mrs Tadman.   


Key Times 


Children will be given Read Write Inc books or Ditty sheets to read, or links to videos to watch. Please have a look at your child’s plastic wallet which will contain all the information needed. You will need to bring the plastic wallets back every day.  Please ensure you are reading with your child every day as this is crucial for the development of their literacy skills.  

You can also support your child at home by: 

  • Reading story books to them daily as well as listening to them read – please loan books from the library trolley located just inside the Reception Area by the gate.   

  • Supporting them with their tripod pencil grip and encouraging them to write for a purpose e.g. writing the shopping list, writing a card to a friend or relative 

  • Counting and talking about real life number problems e.g. while sorting laundry or during the walk to school  

  • Talking about self-care and healthy lifestyles including brushing teeth, exercise, and eating nutritious foods 

  • Checking the learning displays outside the classrooms and talking with your child about what they have been learning in school  



In year R, the PE day is Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit on this days. Please ensure you REMOVE all earrings on a Wednesday. Please label ALL your child’s clothes, both their uniform and PE kit, with their name.  


This half-term we hope to be visited by members of our local allotment community to support us with our outdoor projects. We also hope have a minibeast and small animal experience, and a visit from a dentist!  


Key Times 

In EYFS, children will start at 8:30am and will be dismissed at the end of the day at 3:30pm.    




What are we learning?  

This term’s topic is ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. 

In Reception, we follow the Early Years Statutory Framework and focus on seven key areas of learning according. Each of these areas has specific Early Learning Goals which transition into the Year 1 National Curriculum. Our planning is carefully designed to help children achieve these early learning goals by the end of the academic year. 

Communication and Language  

The children will be learning to make appropriate comments and ask relevant questions. They will learn to be active participants in paired, small group and class discussions. They will speak in full sentences using a wide range of vocabulary when holding an extended two-way conversation with others. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development  

The children will begin to use a range of strategies to manage their emotions. They will begin resolving conflicts with their peers independently. They will continue to consistently follow class rules and maintain behaviour expectations in a range of situations. They will also explore the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices, including eating nutritious food, exercise, sleep, and dental hygiene. 

Physical Development  

The children will continue developing their fine motor skills to use a consistent tripod grip and form letters neatly. The children will also learn to use a range of small tools with greater proficiency. The children will be developing and refining their climbing and balancing skills. They will learn to use a range of ball skills with accuracy, control and precision. 


The children will be composing and writing sentences, rhymes, letters, descriptive sentences, and posters. They will be retelling familiar stories both orally and in writing. They will be writing sentences which are phonetically plausible, contain some red words, start with capital letters, have finger spaces between words, and full stops at the end. 


the children will be exploring counting patterns and building numbers to 10 and beyond.  They will count on and back beyond 10 and notice the repeating 1-9 pattern. The children will also explore spatial reasoning, subtraction and addition.  

Understanding the World 

The children will explore simple maps relevant to their local community. They will learn to describe and explain processes that occur in the natural world. The children will understand and respect cultural and religious differences. They will also begin to make comparisons between two different environments, or between old and new.  

Expressive Arts and Design 

The children will be drawing simple observational drawings. They will create simple beats and rhythms using musical instruments and their body parts. The children will use materials, tools and techniques with accuracy for a purpose. They will also continue mixing a range of colours to achieve a desired effect.  



How can I help at home? 

There are a few things your child needs every day, which have a huge impact on their learning at school: 

  • Getting a good night’s sleep (5-year-olds need 10-13 hours every night) 

  • Eating a nutritious breakfast, either at home or at breakfast club 

  • Having a positive conversation with you on the way to school in the morning – this might be about a book, a school subject, or a special interest  

  • Coming to school on time every day 

  • Reading with you for at least 10 minutes after school  

  • Exercising e.g. walking, scooting, cycling, playing at the park 

  • Following World Health Organization guidance with regard to screen time (A maximum of 1-2 hours per day) 

Additional Information  

In Reception, we are keen explorers and spend lots of time outdoors. We will go out in all weathers! As the weather changes, please make sure your child has appropriate clothing to play outside – a waterproof coat for rainy days, and suncream and a hat on sunny days. We ask all children to keep a pair of wellington boots at school to use throughout the year. Please ensure all of your child’s belongings have their name in/on them.  

Please bring in any recycling you may have, particularly cardboard boxes of all sizes, bottles, tissue rolls, etc.  

We are always happy to receive donated resources. We are currently looking for: 

  • Natural toys such as wooden blocks 

  • Real pots/pans/sieves, and dolls, role play items e.g. doctor sets 

  • Dressing up clothes.  

If you have any questions, please talk to Miss Stagg or Miss Kellett.    


Thank you,    


The EYFS Team