Year 6 have had a fantastic time at the Imperial War Museum today. It was fantastic to be able to see, hold and experience artefacts from WWI and WWII and learn so many interesting facts! 🪖


Our main event of the day, exploring the WWII galleries. We got to have a go at cracking Morse Code and experience sitting in an air raid shelter! 🪖


We've enjoyed learning about WWI this morning and we even got to experience what life was like in the trenches 🪖


We are absolutely in awe at just how big the tanks are! This one is a Soviet tank from WWII


Year 6 have arrived for an exciting day at the Imperial War Museum! 🏛️


In maths today, year 6 were collecting and representing discrete data. They decided what data to collect from their classmates (favourite colour, birth month etc), collected it in a tally chart, and then drew a bar chart to represent their data! 📊


As part of their science topic of Animals Including Humans, year 6 carried out a dissection of a sheep's heart this morning. They were able to explore the different parts of the heart we have learnt about🫀


Our front lawn is full of beautiful daisies at the moment- we are getting real spring vibes! 🌼


Year 6 are having post-SATS celebrations at the park 🥳 we have some serious rounders competitions going on!


Year 4 have replicated the sculpture, Maman by Louise Bourgeois. They have done this by assembling paper, elastic bands, art wires and tissue paper. How incredible do they look lurking around the classroom! 🕷️


We would like to say a massive well done to all of our Year 6's who have worked incredibly hard this week and have completed all of their SATS tests! We honestly couldn't be prouder of them 🌟


Action Tutoring are absolutely fantastic. We are in our second year of using them and they work so hard with our pupils. We honestly can't praise them enough!


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Great to celebrate ’s 10th anniversary in Parliament yesterday. They do brilliant voluntary tutoring work with , and other schools nationally to help disadvantaged pupils and tackle the attainment gap.


Year 6 were busy yesterday afternoon producing their Barbara Hepworth inspired Soap Sculptures 🎨


We would like to wish our Year 6's the best of luck today as they start their SATS week. They have worked so hard all year and we are incredibly proud of them 🌟


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Just been told I have to vote Labour today by my 9 year old daughter. She recently met at and it obviously left a positive impression.


In art, year 6 have been analysing the incredible work of Barbara Hepworth focusing on the idea of abstract shapes. They have used this to then design their own abstract sculptures inspired by her work 🎨


Our reception children have been making these beautiful posters to celebrate Eid which is at the beginning of next week. We love to celebrate the amazing diversity that we have here at Harris Primary Academy Kent House ☪️


Year 6 have been learning about the structure and function of the heart in science. They have learnt about the journey of the blood through the heart, the lungs and the body 🫀

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Academy Procedures From April 2022

Set out below will be important information, key times, documentation and procedures from Tuesday, 19 April 2022. You are advised to read this to ensure you are fully aware what will be happen.

Harris Primary Academy Kent House will be opening for ALL year groups.

The Academy Day:

Year Group

School starts at

School ends at

Nursery AM Session


11.30am (collect from 11.25am)

Nursery PM Session


3.30pm (collect from 3.25pm)

Nursery 30 Hours


3.30pm (collect from 3.25pm)




Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5



Year 6



How to enter and leave the site:

  • Years R to 6 should enter and leave through the car park wooden gates on Kent House Road. (The car drive will not be in use by cars at this time), only this entrance will be in use for Years R to 6
  • Nursery should enter and leave through the Nursery entrance on Kent House Road (near the railway bridge)
  • There will be no access through any other gate
  • ONLY Breakfast Club will use the main entrance on the High Street from 7.45am
  • We will continue to operate a reduced one-way system, which will be clearly marked
  • Reception age pupils will be dropped off and collected at the internal entry gate from the playground to the Early Years building
  • Year 1 will be dropped off and collect at the internal gate outside their building
  • Years 2 to 6 will be dropped off near the outside sinks opposite the dining hall
  • Years R to 6 will be collected, at the end of the day, in the main playground
  • Please do not arrive too early as anyone waiting to enter the school at drop off or collection times, will need to line up 
  • Younger children MUST remain with their adult at all times
  • Once you have collected all your children please follow the one-way system to leave the site as quickly as possible 
  • Please remember – there is to be NO scootering or bicycle riding on site whatsoever


If you have more than one child at Kent House in Years R to 6, please follow these arrangements for drop off and collection:

  • At the start of the day, please arrive at the correct time for first drop off time. Siblings will be able to wait in a separate supervised area
  • At the end of the day, parents/carers should arrive at the correct time for the earliest collection time, and wait for siblings leaving the academy at a later time
  • You will be able to wait in the playground for older siblings but please try to remain distanced from others

Please note, we will keep these measures under review and make changes if we feel they are needed.

What Other Measures Are Still in Place?

  • Pupils will wash and sanitise their hands regularly at school, including when they first arrive, before and after they eat, and when returning from break
  • We will continue to have a one-way system throughout the academy
  • High contact areas will be cleaned throughout the day

Lunchtimes & Playtimes:

  • Lunch times will operate in the usual way, with a choice of school meal or packed lunch
  • All pupils will eat in the Dining Hall (except Nursery, who will have lunch in their classroom)

What will the day look like for my child?

  • All children will be taught in their class groups, however, they may also be taught across year groups for certain sessions, such as Phonics
  • Extra-curricular after school provision will return and may include children from different year groups
  • We will continue to have a one-way system throughout the academy
  • Pupils will be required to wear full school uniform
  • Pupils will be required to change specifically for PE lessons

What Can My Child Bring to School?

  • They should bring in a book bag; books will be given for reading homework in the usual way
  • They may bring a packed lunch if required
  • All children should also bring their own, name labelled, water bottle
  • All pupils will be required to change for PE lessons - please ensure their PE kit is in school from the first day
  • For PE, pupils should be prepared to wear their full school PE kit
  • This must be – a white t-shirt; black shorts, or black joggers or black leggings in colder weather; plain trainers or plimsolls; their Kent House sweatshirt or cardigan may be worn if cold.
  • PLEASE NOTE – PE kit does NOT include branded or commercial logos on clothes or trainers – non-specified patterned or coloured clothing and footwear is NOT allowed

What happens if my child falls ill with Covid-19 symptoms at the academy?

  • If your child falls ill with Covid-19 symptoms whilst at the academy, they will be placed in an isolated area
  • A designated first-aid trained member of staff will stay with your child
  • We may ask the parents for permission to conduct a lateral flow test, if necessary
  • Parents will be contacted, advised to take the child home
  • If your child tests positive for Covid-19, we ask that you contact the school to inform us
  • Close contacts are now identified by NHS Test & Trace, if applicable, and are considered vulnerable
  • NHS Test & Trace may contact individuals identified as close contacts

What happens if my child falls ill with Covid-19 symptoms at home?

  • If your child falls ill with Covid-19 symptoms at home please contact the school to inform us they will not be attending, as per the usual absence procedure
  • Please note that individuals are not required to self-isolate if they live in the same household as someone with Covid-19, or are a close contact with Covid-19
  • All previous close-contact restrictions now do not apply

Please Remember:

  • Attendance is a statutory requirement, although a small number of pupils may still be unable to attend in line with public health advice
  • Pupils will wear full school uniform
  • Pupils will change into their PE kits for a PE lesson
  • Parents can provide a packed lunch
  • Pupils should bring a book bag