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🎉CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE WON OUR MONTHLY PRIZE DRAW!🎉Bold promises such as this are run-of-the-mill for pop-ups 💬 This , find out how to safeguard children against risks linked with this widely used marketing technique. Download here


Our Year 3s had a fabulous time finishing off their Egyptian learning by applying what they knew about mummification! Natron Salt? ✓ Bandages? ✓ A tomato?!


A brilliant training session in the sunshine this afternoon! ⚽️⚽️


Flourishing friendships can be an important aspect of a happy life - but what does a healthy relationship look like?🤝 This , we’re offering expert advice on encouraging healthy friendships among children and young people 🫶Download here


Our Year 4s had a brilliant time at Mote Farm; making flour, working with the animals, and learning all about farm life!


We're so proud of our school community for raising an amazing £200 for on Wear it Green Day!


This week in Art, Y1 enjoyed creating wild monsters inspired by the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' using their pinch pot technique. We were also thrilled to be supported by a parent, who is an art designer!


It's currently 1-1 in a nail-biting match between Kent House and Crystal Palace!


At HPAKH we love music and nurturing personal development. KS1 had a fun-filled samba workshop yesterday, and even performed to a packed-out hall of parents!


We are so proud of our Year 6 football team's win against last week, a tight 2-1! We're looking forward to the away rematch next Friday!


We are really excited about out KS1 French club led by our very own Mrs Francois! Every Thursday after school - this week we were learning greetings; bonjour!


🎼🎵 are teaching our year 6 children the Clarinet! We had a fantastic first lesson and all managed to make a sound! 🎵🎼


There are still some in-school spaces left for weekly music lessons, you can sign up here:


We were very proud of our Year 6 football team yesterday afternoon - a hard-fought game against enjoyed by all!


A huge welcome to all of our new parents who have chosen Kent House for your Reception aged children! We're really looking forward to meeting you!


Year 6 had a great time this afternoon learning about the composition of blood; plasma, white and red blood cells and platelets!


We've just dropped off Easter and Eid cards for those at


Our amazing Miss Sayers is running seven marathons this year to raise money to further improve our SEN provision!


Look at our brilliant Year 3 printing display, inspired by Paul Klee!


On Saturday five of our children played in a BYMT Orchestra at Langley Park - Can you spot them?

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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At Harris Primary Academy Kent House our aim is for all children to become fluent, confident readers.

Reading will give your child the tools to become an independent life-long learner.

We achieve this by:

  • Teaching reading using Read Write Inc. 
  • Reading a range of storybooks daily to encourage a love of reading

At Kent House we teach Read Write Inc. (RWI) to give your child the best possible start with their reading and writing. 

What is RWI?
RWI is a literacy programme which teaches all children to learn to read fluently.
At first, children learn to read ‘sounds’ and then learn how to blend those sounds together to read a word.
Once they can read words, they read carefully matched Storybooks containing words they know.
Their speed and fluency increases on subsequent reads of the book.
All children are assessed half termly by our RWI leader so children are always learning to read at the right stage for them.
Children are re-grouped each half term.

How can I help at home?

Use pure sounds
We use pure sounds (‘mmm’ not ’muh’,’sss’ not ‘suh’, etc.). This helps children to blend the sounds into words more easily.
Click here to hear how to pronounce sounds correctly. Please do not use letter names at this early stage.

Sound out words using ‘Fred Talk’

We use a puppet called Fred who only talks in sounds. We call it ‘Fred Talk’.
E.g. m-o-p (mop), c-a-t (cat), m-a-n (man). Use Fred Talk throughout the day at home eg. ‘it’s time for l-u-n-ch… lunch!’

 ‘Fred Talk’ document

Use the handwriting phrases

For each letter, there is a handwriting phrase. Use the handwriting phrase to support your child with their letter formation when writing.

Handwriting phrases document

Practice at home

Your class teacher will send home links to Virtual lessons.
Please follow these links (which may come in the form of QR codes) and encourage your child to join in.
The more times they access the lessons, the better! Learning to read can be hard, but the more practice a child has, the easier it will become.

Listening to your child reading

Once your child knows how to read the initial sounds and can blend these sounds into words, they will bring books home.
Encourage them to read the book to you using ‘Fred Talk’. Your child will have read these books in school, so please don’t worry if they are reading the book easily. We want them to show off their reading to you at home!

 ‘Listening to your child read’ document

Reading to your child

We inspire a love of reading in our children by reading to them.
Read a wide range of stories daily. Make this a special time for you and your child to bond over books.

 ‘Reading stories to your child’ document


 ‘Parent FAQs’ document


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