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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5:
Klee Class & Miro Class

Mrs Souissi and Mrs Souissi are teaching Klee Class this year and Miss Danning is the class teacher in Miro Class.


Welcome to year 5! We hope you find the information below useful as your child starts the year with us. This information will help you support your child at home with the organization of their week and their learning at home.

Key Times


Homework will be set every half term. Your child will be asked to work on a number of projects, designed to enrich the learning taking place in school. This approach to homework has been designed to enable you and your child to work together in a creative way and to develop a love of learning. Please see the homework document for Autumn.


In year 5, the PE days are Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit on these days.


In Autumn term we will be visiting the cinema in Beckenham. We would welcome parent/carer helpers who hold Kent House DBS checks, or for parents/carers to apply for a DBS check, so please contact the class teacher about this.

Inspire Workshops

The topic of the inspire workshop this term will be Spelling and Grammar. We would welcome parent involvement in this, and look forward to seeing you then.

Key Times

The school gates open at 8:30 in the morning and by 8:50 children should be on the playground ready for the bell at 8:55. In KS2, children will be dismissed at the end of the day at 3:25.



Read it

Research it

Make it

Our book in English is ‘Odysseus’ which is set in Ancient Greece.

Read a Greek mythology story of your choice.

For example:

The Story of Pegasus.




For our Science unit, Year 5 will be looking at how bread is made and looking at the chemical reactions that happen during the process.


Your task is to research how a type of bread in the world is made.

Think about:

Which type of bread you will research about. (Baguette, rye, bagel, pretzel, flat).

The ingredients used (yeast, different kinds of flour, herbs, food colouring).

How the bread is made.

The chemical reactions that happen.

As well as reading the Greek mythology story of ‘Odysseus’, we will also be exploring and learning about Ancient Greece. Back then, the Greeks were well ahead of their time, with all their technological advances. One being their great navy.


Your task is to make a model representation of Odysseus’s boat that he sailed on while on his great adventure back to Ithaca.


Think about:

What will you make it from? (Papier mache, wood, card, clay.

How will you make it? Will it be 3D?

Practise it

Write it

Design it

Practise timetables, especially your 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12.

Experiment with different ways to learn them e.g. writing them out, songs on YouTube, reciting them aloud or asking someone to test you. 


Also learn your fraction, decimal and percentage conversions

E.g. ¼ = 0.25 = 25%


Practise your joined up handwriting.

Greek myths where strange and unusual stories filled with extraordinary monsters and heroes.


Your task is to plan and write your own mythological story.


Think carefully about:

The characters (monsters and heroes).

The setting (around mainland Greece and its islands).

Key events within the story.


Remember to include exciting vocabulary and interesting sentence types. The more action and drama the better!

The front cover of our POR book is a striking, impressive image of Odysseus that instantly catches the interest of the reader.


Your task is to design an alternative front cover for our class book ‘The Adventures of Odysseus’.


Think carefully about:

The front and back cover for the story.

How are you going to make it appealing for the audience?

Who are the important characters that should be included on the front cover?

What clues are you going to give away in the blurb?

A note to parents, over the course of this half term please work with your child to complete the above. Each of the activities has been designed to support, enhance and enrich an aspect of the curriculum. We are looking forward to seeing the results of your work together.

The homework will be due in on the second-to-last week of half term, which begins 11.12.17

What are we learning?

In literacy we will begin by reading “Odysseus”. This is an exciting story about the Greek hero Odysseus, who still has not returned to his kingdom ten years after the fall of Troy. A large and rowdy mob of suitors have overrun Odysseus’s palace to court his wife, Penelope. One of the suitors plans to assassinate Penelope’s son, eliminating the only opposition to their dominion over the palace. In maths, we will be focusing on multiplication and division, then moving on to shape and geometry before Christmas. We focus on these for a term so that children have a good foundation of number skills before moving on to other areas of mathematics. Our topic learning will be based the Ancient Greeks.

How can I help at home?

One of the key ways every parent can help is to ensure that your child is at school every day and on time. Other than this, the main way you can help is by ensuring that your child reads every day, for at least 25 minutes – this can be with you, or on their own, but it is the most effective way of ensuring that your child progresses and learns outside of school. Children have a mathletics login – please encourage them to use this frequently, as it will really help with their quick recall of mathematical facts. They are also given a login to “word mania,” which can be used regular to help develop spelling and fluency.

If you have any questions, please talk to Mrs Souissi, Mrs Harrison or Miss Danning.

Mrs Souissi, Mrs Harrison and Miss Danning